I Let My Fear Consume Me

It’s been almost an entire year since I’ve last posted anything here. I’ve written plenty of physical journal entries and letters…only to turn around and burn them. But I most definitely let my fear of having an actual something to look back on consume me…and it stopped me from writing here. And now here I am, turning 24 next month and in the last year everything has changed…and I can hardly remember most of it. I’m not even upset with myself. There’s no point in being upset over something to miniscule and insignificant. But it is time for me to let that fear and cowardice go so that I can finally spread my wings again.

I know I said that everything has changed and usually that’s an exaggeration but everything really has changed since my last time here. I live somewhere else, my hair is gone, I actually have a dog now, I’m closer to finding the inner-peace that I had been half ass searching for all this time, I’ve accepted more of myself, I’ve learned to love myself a lot more, I’m getting a divorce, and I’m getting back on track.

Two months ago I was still breaking down at the thought of the word divorce. There was so much shame and anger that came along with even considering that it was a possibility. It has taken some time and a whole lot of pain and struggling, but I have finally realized and accepted that I deserve so much better than what I had. I have learned to trust myself and to put myself first. I have learned that it is possible for me to leave myself vulnerable to someone, be totally stepped on and rejected, but still hold my head high and keep my heart full at the same time. I will not lie and say that something in me didn’t crack and nearly collapse the first time she told me that she wanted a divorce…and the second time, and the third time…maybe even the fourth. But the day that I had finally found the strength to tell her that she didn’t deserve me and that I also wanted a divorce…that was the day I felt a piece of my soul soar. It was at that moment that I felt myself start to pick back up for the first time in two years. It was the first time that I felt that I was capable of moving forward on my own because I am enough. I am strong enough, I am independent enough. I am simply enough. It is not my fault that I gave my all and the person who had unfiltered access to all of me did not want it. So now that I have figured out how to open myself, I have begun to give myself the unfiltered access that she once had. It’s an amazing feeling.

I’ve stopped questioning why my growth is “taking so long” or why it’s so hard on some days and seems so simple on others. More of me is excited for my journey than that portion of me that is afraid. I am in no rush to figure out my life by any means, but I am as ready as I could possibly be in this moment.

I originally thought that everything happening to me was a curse. I had convinced myself that I wasn’t worthy of the effort that it was going to take in order to heal because I was still listening to the voices that lingered in my head telling me that I would never be worth anything. They were wrong. I was wrong. But not anymore.

I will continue to push forward.

I will continue to grow.

I will continue to love the woman that I’ve become, and I will love the woman that I grow into during this journey.


I’m here. Not just as a physical being.

My soul has arrived, and she’s ready to show herself to the world.

Today’s Daily Happy

Today my wife told me that she had tried to make arrangements to come back to the states for my birthday next month. And although she was told that it wouldn’t be possible for her job to let her go for that week, just knowing that she went the extra mile to even attempt to see me made my whole week so much better.
My heart is absolutely singing right now.
This is the happiest I’ve felt in a while.

I’m going to enjoy this feeling for as long as I can.

Today’s Daily Happy

I finally got a full nights sleep and I felt great when I woke up.
I’ve decided to start some small art projects to occupy my empty time these next few days, and I’ll actually finish them this time.

I feel grounded today.
Today will be a great day.

Today’s Daily Happy

Skype worked properly today so I was able to have a conversation with my wife without it crashing for once.


And I ate more than once today. Which is quite the accomplishment b/c I’ve been averaging 1/2-1 meal a day for the last 4 months. Yay me.

Summer’s Here

As I say every year when Gemini season &summer hit..my season is here ,and it’s my time to shine. HA! That’s a joke this year. Summer may be here, but I have not yet arrived. The way I feel right now…definitely still an internal winter.

Today was the first time in over 3 years that I successfully completed some portion of school. I was relieved…at least until I realized what being done for the time being means. Now that I don’t have school to consume all of my extra time, everything else that I’ve been avoiding will have the chance to get to me again.

I hadn’t realized just how much I give a damn about where I end up in life until tonight. I find myself constantly denying (it’s actually attempting to deny and failing miserably) the fact that I care so much about where I end up in life that I literally lose sleep most of the week b/c I sit up through the long hours of the damn night thinking about it. I’m not even 23 yet and I’ve found myself almost to the point of yanking my hair out at the root b/c I become so worried with my life falling apart before I even realize that it’s happening. And every time someone tells me that I should stop worrying because I’m still so young…a very large part of me wants to tell them the shut the fuck up and leave me alone. I know they’re partially right…but it’s just so irritating for some reason. Maybe I’m just a control freak.

But anywho. Despite how alive I feel every time I get some time in the sun, I’m honestly dreading summer to some degree. There’s so much internal pressure to be happy. I’m going on vacation and getting away from work for three weeks. I’ll be spending lots of one on one time with the love of my life. I should be happy right? Absolutely bursting with excitement…right?

I guess I haven’t even begun to wrap my mind around my emotions. Since I got the news of my grandmothers passing last week I’ve been pretty numb to everything. I can feel the angst bubbling inside of me…just waiting for the moment when everything that I’ve been feeling will force it’s way out and leave me sobbing uncontrollably in a random corner of my house. Maybe I’ll finally feel some comfort. Maybe I’ll finally start my healing process. But what is there to heal? Shouldn’t I be happy that she’s finally in a better place and no long in pain? Shouldn’t I be celebrating her very long life? I just can’t help but feel a little guilty for being so selfish about how I feel about this, but at the same time grief hit me so hard that I am literally a walking, breathing, lump of nothing right now. Never in my life before this have I truly felt this……..detached? I’m not even sure how to describe it.

Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

Hopefully there is no rain so that I can get sufficient outside time.

I’ll hold onto my hope. It’s what she would have wanted.


Well, Here I Am

I honestly have no idea what I’m doing here.

I guess I’m here primarily for my own benefit. I need an outlet.

Writing gets mundane. And my brain moves faster than I can write, so all too often I forget my thoughts before they actually reach the paper.

I’m not sure that anyone will ever see this…I’m okay with that.

I guess a piece of me finds comfort in this never being found. It’ll be like my digital diary…but with a side of danger?

But I’ll start by recounting what I know so far. And then from there, this will be my life journey log.

So if you find this, and you’re reading…I’m letting you know now that you’ve stepped into a piece of my personal hellfire that is my thoughts. Enjoy the ride. It’s going to be one hell of a journey.